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Snap-In Port Kits - Large

These large size Jabsco port kits allow Hotshot 6.0 Par-Max Plus 6.0 and old Jabsco Par-Max 7 models to adapt to different sizes of hose and plumbing. The plug-in port part measures 23mm diameter and simply snaps-in for easy change or replacement. Supplied in pairs.

Straight Ports - PAIRS

J25-175 25mm (1”) I.D hose Jabsco 50640-1000
J25-176 20mm (3/4”) I.D hose Jabsco 50642-1000
J25-177 1/2” male threaded Jabsco 50644-1000

90 Deg Elbow Ports - PAIRS

J25-178 25mm (1”) I.D hose Jabsco 50641-1000
J25-179 20mm (3/4”) I.D hose Jabsco 50643-1000

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