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International Goldspar Original Varnish

Protect, beautify, and improve your boat's performance

The International Goldspar Original Varnish is an internationally renowned varnish that results in a full gloss finish. The polyurethane resin-based formula gives a tough finish for interior or exterior use and also gives excellent exterior durability. Coating your boat's wooden surface with this Goldspar varnish not only protects it from general wear and tear but also provides UV protection! Now you can provide your boat with the protection and look it deserves.

International Goldspar Original Varnish Features:
  • A one-part, modified alkyd marine varnish
  • Suitable for interiors, exteriors and over existing varnish
  • Good UV resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Quick drying

International Goldspar Original Varnish Specifications:
  • Area: Above the waterline 
  • Finish/sheen: High gloss 
  • Pack sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1L, and 2L  
  • Substrates: Wood

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